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Tuesday, January 29th 2013

12:00 AM

Chasing the Blue Spot in the Sky


Friday, September 18th 2009

Chasing the Blue Spot in the Sky


Took off from Rogers, Arkanasas and headed south on hwy265. I was supposed to meet a friend of mine, Biff, down on hwy 412 East. When I pulled in to our meeting place where his bike was parked, I noticed the sky had totally clouded up and the temperature had dropped. We hung out at the Mexican restaurant and tried to figure out whether we were going to go for a ride or not.


I'm a hard core rider, but if it is raining when I go to take off I usually go back home because there's a point in a ride when it's raining that it ceases to be fun.


When we came out of the restaurant I spied one spot of clear blue in the sky to the East. I pointed it out to Biff and said, "It ain't raining there," and Biff said, "well that's where we should ride to." So we jumped on our bikes and headed east on hwy 412 towards Huntsville and that spot of blue sky. When we got to hwy 303 I noticed that the blue spot had shifted to the north so we turned left on hwy 303 and headed over to War Eagle Mill where we crossed the wooden bridge and stopped at the Mill for a minute. There was a couple of other bikers at the Mill standing around staring at the sky also. When they took off headed towards hwy 12, we followed right after them.


When we got to hwy 12 we looked to the left and then the right. To the left there were dark, rainy-looking clouds, and to the right was that spot of blue in the sky we had been following, so we turned right. We went down hwy 12 to hwy 127 where the old Lookout Grocery used to be. As we rose up to the top of the hill I noticed the spot of blue was to our left so we turned on hwy 127. We followed it all the way out to hwy 23 and looked for the blue spot again. It was to the north towards Eureka Springs so we headed north to chase it.


When we got to Eureka Springs and hwy 62 we took a left and then turned right on hwy 23 and headed down the hill to the older part of Eureka. At the bottom of the hill we stopped at The Pied Piper and talked to some friends of mine while drinking a beverage. Soon after, it started to barely sprinkle so we jumped on our bikes again and headed north towards that blue spot in the sky.


When leaving Eureka Springs a small fawn (spotted deer) ran across a yard and almost ran in between my bike and Biff's. We both beeped our horns and the deer ran back across the yard.


By the time we reached hwy 187 we had cleared the rain shower and we turned left to go down and cross the one-lane wooden suspension bridge at Beaver Town. Man, it was beautiful. We stopped at the Beaver Town Store and talked with the owner and watched the fishermen out in the lake by the bridge for a little while. Then the sky started to get dark again so we jumped on our bikes and headed towards hwy 62, which is a beautiful ride with a meadow on the left and a bluff covered with cedar trees on the right.


The road makes a 90 degree turn just past the meadowland and I had to slow down to make the turn. When I did, a rather large squirrel ran across the road into the path of my front tire, stopped, bowed his tail, and started to run back to where he came, then spun around and headed back into my path. I swerved drastically to miss the little booger. My front tire missed him, but his body went up under my motorcycle where he jumped up and grabbed onto my right foot. This, of course, freaked me out! Not wanting him to run up my pants leg or bite me, I quickly kicked him off. He rolled once and took off. Biff was laughing so hard he almost wrecked just watching me with that squirrel.


When we got to hwy 62 we headed west back into Rogers, still following that blue spot in the sky. 


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