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Saturday, August 22nd 2009

12:56 PM

Spankfest August 2009

I was just sittin around the house not doin much of anything and a buddy of mine, Ron, called me up and asked if I wanted to go for a ride over to a festival in Oklahoma.  Since I wasn’t doin nothin’ and the weather was great, I figured, what the hell… 

We met up at Pig Trail Harley in Rogers and he said a couple more of his buds were going to come along too.  We headed out and ended up in Centerton.  His buds wanted to eat lunch at the Centerton Inn, which was just fine for me. One of Ron’s friends said he wanted to stop by his house (not too far from there) to get something; so we went by his place, which was a very nice place out in the country.

We left out headed towards Oklahoma and ended up on Hwy 59/10 in Oklahoma.  We made a couple of turns and ended up at the Rally grounds near Grove, Oklahoma.  It was a pretty nice Rally with a fair amount of vendors and a big bandstand.  There were people in golf carts travelling around the rally grounds selling beer, which was great because it was hot.  Made my way down to the bar on the rally grounds and saw some of the 13 Rebels (both Ron and I knew them).  As I was leaving the bar a young lady stopped me and asked if I was The Biker Poet.  Of course I said yes and her and her friend wanted to hear a couple of biker poems, which I was obliged to recite to them.

Went back up to the main rally ground which by now had grown from just a few bikes to a rather large number of bikes.  I found it difficult to locate my bike in the midst of all the bikes.  Whoops, here comes the golf cart with more beer again.  How did they know I was thirsty? We stayed for a couple hours more and enjoyed the bands and the festivities.  Then Ron and I got split up.  A short while later my phone rang and it was Ron.  He said he had to get home because he lives up on hwy 12 by War Eagle (in Arkansas) and if he heads home too late, the deer are coming out of the woods.  I said I was about funned out anyways so we left.

When we got back to Rogers we split up and I went home.  Another fun day of riding and rallying.

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